Shoulders - Short Film


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     Written and Directed by Chanel Dupree and Shot and edited by Kearah-Armonie, "Shoulders" follows the story of Monica, a 21 year old young woman battling the toxic relationship she has with her mother and the home she creates within her best friend, Jade. Created by an all Black Woman cast and crew Shoulders proves that sometimes the hands that lift you up, aren’t always the ones that raised you. Now streaming on

“Black women are not just here to hold up nations and hold back tears. We are living, breathing, layered characters who deserve to be seen on screen as such!”
— Chanel Dupree (Black Nerd Problems)

Featured on Black Nerd Problems

"Shoulders" Writer/Director Chanel Dupree sat down with BNP for a one-on-one interview about the film.


Photo Gallery - Meet Monica and Jade & Cast and Crew


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