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Bleu Magazine Issue 56

Kearmonie interviewed for Bleu Magazine’s “The Humans” section in their 56th issue.


"Documentary Film" on The Onyx Channel

As part of The Onyx Channel's spoken word series "Writer's Block" in partnership with Paint and Poetry, watch Kearah-Armonie perform "Documentary Film", among other local Spoken Word Artists.


let's panic mag issue 04

Let's Panic teamed up with photographer Dana Lixenberg for a special feature on the designer Grace Wales Bonner and her FW 17 collection- Spirituals II including portraits of spoken word artists, "women who have a strong way of expressing themselves.”


The other side of violet

The Other Side of Violet is an exhilarating collection of contemporary poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers from across the United States and beyond.


Feature artist on WusGood? mag: 


Tankas for A Seat at the Table

I wake this morning

Feeling shattered, robbed and stolen

Yet, still I say

Daily affirmation: Don’t

Let anyone steal this magic


A white boy touched my

hair, I felt myself start to

fade, to dwindle a-

way. Less than, less than, sand in

The wind. Yet, I am still here


If celebrating

me seems to mean I am dis-

respecting you, then

so be it. Sit in the heat

of your anger while I shine

I’m gonna look for

My body now she said and

Then I came to learn

My body was missing too

What I claim may not be mine


I guess to be Black

Is to lose your own body

Though it be stolen

and go look for it your damn

Self. I’ll be back, like real soon


I tell white not to

Say the word nigga, they say

It anway. This

Is an act of violence, but

When has white not been violent


                                                                          Read more poems from this feature here.



Brooklyn College News and Media

Students Reveal Big-Screen Talent During 34th Annual Brooklyn College Film Festival at BAM - See more HERE

"Slam Poets Shaking Up The World" The Odyssey

Slam Poets are the revolutionary voice of this generation, not Hip-Hop artists or whatever Pop artists that get a ton of fame from music. The poets that "share their naked feelings with the world" Abiodun Oyewole said are who we have to give us the real news of current events. These poets are exuberant with their blackness and are not asking for anything, simply telling you what's going on in a different way than you've heard before.

"Hair as a symbol of black feminism" the odyssey

Kearah-Armonie is the founder and curator of tumblr based photoblog I LOVE Box Braids! which she says is an act of Black Feminism.