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Brooklyn College News and Media

Students Reveal Big-Screen Talent During 34th Annual Brooklyn College Film Festival at BAM - See more HERE

"Slam Poets Shaking Up The World" The Odyssey

Slam Poets are the revolutionary voice of this generation, not Hip-Hop artists or whatever Pop artists that get a ton of fame from music. The poets that "share their naked feelings with the world" Abiodun Oyewole said are who we have to give us the real news of current events. These poets are exuberant with their blackness and are not asking for anything, simply telling you what's going on in a different way than you've heard before.

"Hair as a symbol of black feminism" the odyssey

Kearah-Armonie is the founder and curator of tumblr based photoblog I LOVE Box Braids! which she says is an act of Black Feminism.