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Kearah-Armonie is a young Black Woman, growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Having taken part in several art forms, her current expression of choice is Spoken Word poetry. Here with BLK GRL POET, having been awarded the award for outstanding acheivement in Documentary Film at the 34th annual Brooklyn College Film Festival, we exhibit the state of the world today, the systemic racism and oppression on Black People in America all guided by Kearah's own Spoken word and recent protest footage. Archival footage used in this film is solely for use as the object of Social, Political and/or Cultural Critique.

A visual short for my own original poem about Gentrification in NYC. This is the first of many poetic shorts I will be creating as I work towards my goal of offering short films as a service to poets/spoken word artists. You can support at

My classmate, Tarik Smith and I followed three beautifully talented ladies who call themselves Audible Chocolate. On the subway, on the stage, and soon enough in the studio; they sound as good as chocolate tastes, maybe even better. This short is a peep into their street performer life on an NYC subway train. You can check these ladies out at


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I believe that the way we receive spoken word visually and digitally can be more than just a stage and a microphone, more than just a live performance. Poetry can be visual. Film can be poetic and lyrical, not just that it can be accompanied by actual poetry but a film can be a non-linear string of images that tells a story just as concrete, understandable, and as beautifully as a narrative film. I am raising money to purchase equipment and start shooting poetry shorts much like my latest “Harriet Tubman”. I plan to create a space for poets, a digital space for spoken word artists that is not one-dimensional. To bring forth a combination of the beauty of film and the beauty of spoken word. Also to normalize the idea of “Non-traditional” and “Experimental” film. Learn more and donate at: .